D.C. Mayor doesn’t like D.C.?

The Facts and My Opinion:


Mayor Fenty

Mayor Fenty

July 31, 2009- I liked and supported Mayor Fenty when he first ran for office. He seemed really intelligent (compaired to Marion Berry). If nothing else I supported him because he is mixed with both Black and White like me. But I have been reading about how Mayor Fenty (DC) might…could… should…and might not enroll his twin sons, Matthew and Andrew, 8, in DCPS (Public School… The horror) starting this fall. But where will they enroll? West Elementary is technically the neighborhood school for the boys, who live in Crestwood, but people say that the campus is “in turmoil,” and reports this morning that Michelle Fenty has toured five other NW elementary schools: Janney, Murch, Key, Eaton and Lafayette. It’s time Fenty followed the example of his DCPS chancellor, Michelle Rhee, and sent his children to the public schools under his watch. Turmoil or not, surely the presence of the Mayor’s sons would draw some much-needed attention to improving the school, and by enrolling his sons elsewhere, Fenty is sending a sign, intentional or not, that what’s good enough for some D.C. kids – his neighbors, in fact – won’t cut it for his own.


In addition to this, there is also that question of Mayor Fenty’s son Andrew playing baseball outside the District? He plays on a Bethesda-Chevy Chase (BCC) travel team. Newspapers recently reported the reason being that the BCC team offered “better fields, facilities and equipment.” Media also said that the Fentys “have passed over D.C. baseball for more competitive suburban teams.” Wrong again.

There are several strong D.C. baseball programs, including Northwest Washington Little League, DC Dynasty Baseball and even Capitol City Little League, among others.

Many D.C. fields have been refurbished. Taft in Northeast, with well-kept grass and lights for night games. Fort Stanton, Fort Lincoln, Friendship and Guy Mason. All in the city, all at good fields. It seems alittle odd the the Mayor would have to drive to Olney or Germantown for his sons to play competitive baseball. Maybe the Fentys will also consider looking in their own back yard before signing up in the suburbs again. 

Just my opinion:


Washington Natinals

Washington Natinals

Too bad Mayor Fenty isn’t in a position of power to fix the things …. wait? He’s the DC mayor… what a shame. Why are DC public schools treated like such a step child by the politico’s in the city? I remember it was a big deal that Chelsey Clinton went to Sidwell (Private school). Now the Obama girls are in a Charter school as well. Why not (again) fix the problem? I love analogies so heres one… Its like if I drew you a picture and then sold it to you, and you gave it back to me and then I threw it in the trash. Todays lesson is… well Public School add character. Maybe the Fenty boys will learn how to fight in public school and become world class boxers? Look on the bright side. The main reason most of these children don’t succeed is because they have a lack of support at home. I seriously doubt the Fenty boys have that issue. I would like to see some school spirt here. Also its not like all DC baseball teams are as bad as the NATS yuk.



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